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…príležitosti miesto hraníc

Who are we?

GenerationWe is a non-governmental organisation based in Eastern Slovakia focusing on youth empowerment in the Carpathian region. Currently operating in Presov and Kosice regions in Slovakia and Zakarpattyia region in Ukraine, the organisation aims to gradually cover all the Carpathian cross-border region including regions of Hungary and Poland.

Our vision

Although the main global focus seems to be on addressing the inequalities world-wide, in GenerationWe we believe it is equally important to ensure that the regional differences diminish also within countries. Operating in some of the poorest regions of the EU as well as Western Ukraine as a crucial member of the EU Eastern partnership, the opportunities for youth development, participation and self-fulfilment are scarce for many teenagers and young adults. Many students face little opportunity to travel, engage as volunteers, gain internship experiences, and move on to join the adult world characterised by widespread youth unemployment. We therefore aim to develop initiatives tackling the issues faced by young people in these regions in three areas:

  • psychological empowerment: destroying the prejudices and stereotypes by providing a platform for young people to represent themselves and offering them a chance to develop open-mindedness through gradually getting to know the cultures of the most proximity to their own
  • social empowerment: providing young people with a chance to forge new friendships, connections, and a sense of identity through culture and traditions events and discussions
  • economic empowerment: creating opportunities to gain both soft and academic skills in order to be prepared for the future career through volunteering, internships and student exchanges

By creating initiatives addressing all the areas of youth barriers to achieving their full potential, GenerationWe seeks to ensure development of a complex strategy to not only ensure the gradual diminishing of regional disparities and better competitiveness of young people from these underprivileged regions on both national and EU labour market, but also to create an individual sense of fulfilment, of purpose and strengthening of basic democratic values, tolerance and respect for human rights.

How do we do that?

GenerationWe as a newly founded organisation is working on developing initiatives in all of the three areas identified, some of which include the following:

LiveBooks Project: an interactive project which aims to communicate the authentic experiences and opinions of the Ukrainian conflict to the young people at secondary schools and universities in the Prešov and Košice regions. Young Ukrainians living in Slovakia and Ukraine will be get an opportunity to present their view of the situation, while the Slovak students will have a chance to develop their own objective view of the matter and to critically assess the publicly obtainable information.

Creative Industries: an initiative seeking to connect major stakeholders in the regions with active young people through volunteering. The young participants offer their innovative, creative opinions and solutions to the company in order to resolve a specific problem – the Creative Task, which in turn allows them to gain experience in team-building, leadership skills, communication competence and other essential attributes for ensuring success at the competitive job market.

How can you contact us?

GenerationWe is open to all kinds of national, cross-border and international cooperation and new opportunities, feel free to contact us at:


Chairwoman contact details: Katarina Pivovarnikova (kpivovarnikova@gmail.com)

Vice-chairwoman contact details: Anna Dusenkova (anna.dusenkova@gmail.com)

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