Let’s get started!  This  was the key idea of the meetup in Atelier Woont in Košice.  The main purpose of this activity was to strengthen participants in teams and help them to immerse deep into exciting Creative Projects. Each of the five projects needed to be defined and discussed.

There are always challenges to consider and solutions to find.

What are creative projects?
Young people – regardless of their training or professions – love to create. They like creating new things, improving old things, innovating and searching for new ways to do things differently. However, between an idea and its tangible outcome, there is a long road. The Generation 2020 Project may help young people to see how to approach this process successfully.
Activity call invited students, working or jobless young people, young entrepreneurs or any other individuals aged 15 to 30. Creative projects connect young people:

  • who want to look for innovative solutions
  • who like to do things differently
  • who like to see how their ideas grow into something more tangible
  • who are activists full of ideas to change things around.

The Generation 2020 Project supports innovative thinking of young people by means of independent Creative Projects created and implemented in teams. Creative Projects are designed to address real-life issues and needs of organizations and businesses who are engaged as the teams’ counterparts.

Creative Projects:

Karma Recharger: It is an application that won the Social Impact Award 2014. Entering the first team will relaunch a process to lead Karma recharger back to the game as a successful startup.

Getrag: Getrag is a large automotive company with many employees. Big number of brains means enormous numbers of ideas. Here we are looking for the ideal method of communication between ordinary employees and the company management with the special goal: not to lose a single idea.

Granarium: It is a very special living space in Jablonov. All of those things and more could be find at this place: a medieval granary, wine cellar, fresh air and good humor. Here we are looking for a perfect strategy to make this beautiful place to be seen, noticed and visited.

Bašta: It’s a cultural community center operating in Bardejov. Bašta space wants to run all year round in the old building bastion. To solve this task a reconstruction will be needed. Forming a crowd funding campaign to raise the money for reconstruction will help this place to operate all year long. Here we are looking for a perfectly planned strategy of a campaign.

Barlička:  This civic association provides social and educational services for young people with disabilities. Wherever you turn, you can find someone who needs you. Even if it is a little thing, do something for which there is no pay but the privilege of doing it. Remember, you don’t live in a world all of your own. Don’t despise your contributions to humanity. Every little kind deed counts. We are helping Barlička to bulid a strong community of voulenteers.

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